Is Baseball A Leader Winner, Team Mate, And A Friend? Essay

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Baseball brings passion, pain, and excitement to people all over the world; from little kids that run the bases at a major league baseball game to a previous President of the United States that throws the first pitch. Baseball is one word in which would describe my identity. The pain that I endured, the struggle that I overcame, and the championships I won have truly made me the person I am today. From the early morning practices to the midnight championships, I have learned how to become a leader, winner, team mate, and a friend. Freshman year of high school has so far been one of the best years of my life which is something most people wouldn’t say. The only thing that made my freshman year amazing was my favorite sport. Two weeks after my freshman year had started, baseball was the only thing on my mind. Coach Sherman, the Marcus High School baseball coach, had told everyone to sign up for Performance Course (a weight lifting and conditioning program) if you wanted to try out for the baseball team. It wasn’t required to go to Performance Course but everyone knew if you wanted a chance to make the baseball team you had to attend this program. Not before long, the first day of Performance Course (P.C. for short) arrived bright and early at 6am before school started. The first day was very intimidating to me. Watching the upperclassmen, who were all twice my size, warm up and stretch was a very intimidating thing. Kids that were only a year or three older than me all…

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