Is Baby A Boy Or A Girl? Essay

824 Words Mar 4th, 2015 4 Pages
Is baby a boy or a girl? Is the new student a boy or a girl? Is the new president a male or female? Those questions are spread out from everywhere around the world. When something happen the first thing that people are most curious, is the gender. People always give priority to sex but they forget one; it doesn’t have only two gender; every career, every place, every area probably have one or more third gender. The third gender a sex that many people familiar as a gay, trans woman, tomboy, lady boy, and lesbian. Their population around the world is increasing everyday but we still don’t have much place for them to stand out and get accept from the normal people. Plus, many people are confused and don’t understand; what is different between tomboy and lesbian? Or what is different between lady boys or gay? Are they really different? Some people might say, “Whatever they are, in my opinion they just love people who is the same sex as them.” First of all, every people are different as men is different from women, also third gender are different from each of them. For example, in Thai society, gay and “lady boy” or as everyone know as a Trans woman, they are completely different. Gay are guys who pretend to dress like a normal guys, some of them probably have attitude or emotion as a girl that we will called them as a gay queen, and some of them are just look as a real gentleman but they just love to have feeling with a guy’s; we will called them as a gay king. On the other…

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