Is Autism And Being Verbal? Essay

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“Stop, take a minute and think about your life.” Well this is exactly what I had to do to complete this assignment. The disability that I decided to imagine myself with was autism and being verbal. To be a student who has autism would mean that they could have trouble communicating what they want, have trouble in social situations, and they could have specific sensitivities to sound and/or touch. If a person is nonverbal, this does not mean that they can’t talk at all, it does mean that they could have a limited vocabulary or need help breaking questions down into options to be able to express what they want. Many students who have autism have a cognitive impairment which makes learning a different process for them.
Having autism would affect my life in a few different ways. I don’t believe that I would have the jobs I have. Currently I work at Building Bridges Therapy center as a person who does the filing and restocking. I don’t think that I would have this job because is at a therapy center where many other kids who had similar diagnoses would go. I also work at the Plymouth Apple Orchard and Cider Mill. This job might also be hard to do with a diagnosis of autism because I currently work in the kitchen where it is very loud and busy. With people who have autism being sensitive to sound the loudness of the kitchen would probably be overwhelming. If I did have autism I do think that being apart of some of the clubs I participate in at the school would be possible. I am a…

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