Atticus Finch A Good Father Analysis

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“If you can’t make sacrifices for your kids, you don’t deserve ‘em. A true parent would give their life and their very last breath!” - Unknown. A good part of TKAM centers on Scout and Jem’s life and what they learn as their father raises them. Throughout the novel, characters suggest that Atticus can be a better father to his children. But, there also instances leading readers to believe that he is doing the best that he can in each situation, and is making do. While Atticus may make some mistakes as a parent, overall he is an admirable father. It seems convincing that Atticus is an admirable father, as he recognizes the areas where he fails, but takes steps to make sure that his children are still raised well. This is especially shown …show more content…
First, when Scout believes that Miss Maudie is insinuating that Atticus might be disreputable things to Jem and her behind closed doors, Miss Maudie states, “Gracious child, I was raveling a thread, wasn’t even thinking about your father, but now that I am I’ll say this: Atticus Finch is the same in the house as he is on the streets (Lee, 61).” This quote hints at the concept that Atticus is just as formal and distant with his family as he is with acquaintances, work associates, and general nonfamily. This would go against the concept of a father that cares deeply about his children, as more intimate or affectionate interactions would show. However, she states this at the beginning of the novel, and there are occurrences throughout the book that of Atticus displaying less composure around his family, or being affectionate, with one of the last such occurrences being on page 353, when Atticus phones Mr.Tate after Scout and Jem are found and taken home, saying,”Someone’s been after my children. Jem’s hurt. Between here and the schoolhouse. I can’t leave my boy. Run out there for me, please, and see if he’s still around. Doubt if you’ll find him now, But I’d like to see him if you do. Got to go now.” His words over the phone convey his urgency and concern for his children, especially the phrase “I can’t leave my boy.” This belies the idea that he is a man who is as distant with family as he is with those outside of the family. Next, is the instance when Jem and Scout make a snowman in their yard, and its characteristics lead Miss Maudie to exclaim “Erected an absolute morphodite in that yard! Atticus, you’ll never raise ‘em (Lee 91)!” This shows how Miss Maudie believes that Atticus is not being a good influence on how Scout and Jem are growing up, as the snowman indirectly mocks both Mr.Avery and Miss Maudie, but Atticus wasn’t exactly disapproving,

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