Is Assisted Death Right Or Wrong? Essay

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Is Assisted Death right or wrong for an Individual with terminal illness to seek? this is a controversial dilemma that brings rise to a variety of ethical implications of ones’ belief of what is right or wrong and if patients have the right to self determination. Assisted death is commonly referred as physician assisted death or euthanasia, it gives patients the choice of terminating their life to relieve their suffering. As a nurse, this ethical dilemma can be challenging because one of the roles of nursing is to advocate for your patients and cause no harm; however, under certain circumstance, assisted death is considered a valid option for patients suffering from terminal illness and alleviating terrible pain. When using the Utilitarianism perspective as a guide to determine if assisted suicide is moral or immoral, it examines the principle of Utility which states that the right acts are those that produce the greatest consequences and benefits for the greatest amount of individuals. When examining three different scenarios in which assistive death may be used and seeing if it’s a valid option to consider for each patient, utilitarianism views maximizing pleasure and happiness, and minimizing pain for the greatest amount of people as justification to purse death as a method to relieve pain.
When examining each case, the first case involves an elderly women suffering from diabetes is partially paralyzed, and decides she wants to die. She plans to refuse food, water and…

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