Is Asexuality a Lack of Sexual Orientation and Analogous to Other Sexual Orientations and Identities?

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Is asexuality a lack of sexual orientation and analogous to other sexual orientations and identities?

One of the most inescapable social assumptions is that all humans possess sexual desire (Cole, 1993; 192). A related assumption is that sexuality is not only something one does, but an identity or something one is (Weeks, 1986; Foucault, 1978, cited in Scherrer, 2008; 621).

Most inquiries into asexuality have approached it as either behaviour (lack of sexual acts) or a lack of desire for sexual acts. However, Scherrer argues that the complexity and variability of asexuality also encompasses those who are interested in romantic attachment but with limited or no physical contact, along with others who are simply not interested in
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This brings into question exactly what is meant by asexuality and forces investigation into how the chameleon-like asexual identity co-exists with hetero and queer identities, an if it is analogous to other sexual orientations and identities (Storms, 1980; 782).
Given the deceptive heterogeneity of asexuality, there is no reason to believe hetero asexual identity, queer asexual identity or pan asexual identity should be described by the same set of characteristics or theories simply because they share the same sexual/asexual qualifier, just as we already take for granted that heterosexual and queer sexual identities do not represent a single uniform community (Przybylo, 2011; 446). For example, there could be a set of relevant sub-groups that are needed for one kind of asexual generalisation - asexuals who have engaged in sexual behaviours with men, women, trans, pan or with none, but only two relevant groups for another - asexuals who do or do not experience romantic attraction (.DeLuzio Chasin, 2011; 713).
To enable the recognition of asexuality as a separate identity, both exclusionary heteronormative politics and exclusionary queer politics that are both founded on binary logic is required. This will, in turn, facilitate a process of rejection of their respective, but reactively formulated definitions of asexuality that have largely relied on viewing asexuality as pathological. However, for asexuals, the ‘sexual world’ is akin to

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