Is Art Really Global? Essay

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Is art really global? The art world often prides itself with its “globalism”, but how global is it? Chin-Tao Wu who is an assistant research fellow at the Academia Sinica in Taiwan raises these questions in her journal”Biennials without borders?” .Wu raises two important questions. Where were the artists born? And, where are they currently living? The relation between the two tell us where the flow is. Wu constructed her data on the Kassel documenta exhibitions that were held between 1968 and 2007 in Germany. The questions were based on her observations of the respected docuemntas. Wu found that the vast majority of artists were born in North America, and Europe- over 90%. Reaching a staggering 96% in 1972. Wu also found that up to and including 1982 documenta, nearly one hundered artists lived in North America and Europe. However, it began to fall from 1987; for the 1992 and 1997 documentas it was around ninety per cent, dropping to an astonishing seventy-six per cent in 2002 and sixty-one per cent in 2007. Okwui Enwezor’s docuemnta 11 in 2002 which is considered the most diverse made the “real change” when the porporation of Western artists fell to sixty percent, and reminded fixed at that level in 2007 according to Wu. She goes on further by saying that before 1992, nearly all artists originally from Latin America, Asia, or Africa had already moved to either North America or Europe before they exhibited in docuemnta during the 1990’s. Wu says” these ‘flows’ represented…

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