Essay about Is Art A Part Of Us And That 's Why We Should Care

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At the age of 9 on the bus ride home from the art museum, one of my classmates screamed to the top of his lungs, “I DON’T GET IT,” though his cheeks reddened at the sight of everyone looking at him. He began to further explain, “I don’t get why they drew those pictures, or why we should care.” Ms. Gregory was baffled. We could tell she didn’t have a good enough answer for our classmate. When it finally came to her response, she could only say, “Art is a big part of why we are the way we are. It shows what we go through, those painting are no different than old treaties between countries. Art is a part of us and that’s why we should care.” Now I know Ms. Gregory meant self-expression (art) defines culture.
The idea of art is reason enough to care about it. Humans need art in their lives. It keeps us, well, human. Only humans can take a method of self-expression far enough to make it one of humanities key qualities. All humans need art in their lives. Art is literally a part of us; it’s primal behavior. Since childhood, we instinctively make art. (Five Reason Why We Need Art) Art is supposed to inspire us, give insight or questioning of things we couldn’t imagine ourselves. Could it be that the very things we look to art for are the reasons we create it? It is a basic human function like breathing. We are constantly creating, molding, forming things that make us feel. Humans have carried the need to tell stories since we’ve begun language. Self-expression is a basic need of…

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