Is Anorexia A Classless, Ageless, And Genderless Psychiatric Disease That Affects People All Over The World

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Article Critique

Anorexia is a classless, ageless, and genderless psychiatric disease that affects people all over the world. In the majority of the cases, it develops during adolescence a period of change an instability where proper guidance should be given.This study looked at inpatient treatment intervention (IP) versus a day patient treatment intervention (DP) on adolescents. The article’s title is self explanatory and just a few adjustments are needed for clarification to readers who are not familiar with research terminology.The authors used the word “open-label” to described that participants and researchers were aware of the intervention to which they belonged. They also used “non-inferiority trial,” which means that they are trying to prove one treatment is not better than the other one. As well, just for clarification to the reader the title should specify the gender, as only females were studied.

On the other hand, the study provided a brief and concise summary of the background, methods, findings, and interpretation.The authors did such a good job that if the reader were to stop after the summary, it is safe to say that he/she will have a fair understanding of the study results and implications. Thought out the study, the authors explained the tools used to measure the the patient 's’ BMI and the proposed intervention.

Review of Literature

The review of literature is brief, but comprehensive in that it covers the importance of this disease,…

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