Essay on Is America Truly A Democracy?

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Is America Truly a Democracy?
In the light of reading the passage from The Shame of the cities published in 1904, it has raised the question is America truly a democracy. Throughout history, it has seemed there has always been some sort of polluting in the voting polls. Voting is a promise of equality while at the same time, it is a great threat to the men who created our government. According to the passage written by Lincoln Steffens, he and other muckrakers pointed out that there was a serious flaw in voting for the government. This political attack on the government speaks of the city of Philadelphia, and how flawed the “political machines” were. This was not just going on in Philadelphia, but every across the nation. When it comes to voting in America, it was flawed then, and is still flawed now. With this information, the question arose: Is America truly a democracy?
In the passage it quotes the Philadelphia voting system is just as flawed as the negroes votes down south. Political machines was an organization who received rewards for their efforts (Wikipedia). Their job was to get the votes for their political candidate on election day. Larger cities in the United States, like Philadelphia, were accused of using political machines. These bosses would force their political candidate onto the people and turn out large number of voters on election day. In the passage, The Shame of the Cities, it says “the citizens have no more rights than the negroes down south.” The…

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