Is America A Christian Nation Summary

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What does it mean to be Christian? By definition a Christian is one who believes in Jesus Christ or a messiah and his teachings. Heclo attempts to answer whether or not America as a whole is a Christian nation in his essay “Is America a Christian Nation?” Heclo gives a very soft answer to this question in his essay. The answer Heclo gives is yes, no, no, no, no sort of, no way. Each of these different responses is an answer to the question by looking at the question from different viewpoints and angles. Heclo looks at America as a self identifying as a Christian nation. Christianity providing America 's moral guidance, belief in Christian doctrines, Christianity being seen in America’s behavior, political institutions based in Christianity, America 's political ethics being based in Christianity, and lastly how Christians view America.

These all provide emphasis that although America says that it is a Christian nation its deeds do not match. Heclo overlooks two of three fundamentals of being a Christian. One of the most important fundamentals is having an expressed belief in christ as a savior and redeemer. This is seen in the fact that America identifies itself as a Christian nation and in the common belief that the Founding Fathers has in God and Christian morality. The second key part of being a
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Although, America is also attending church less and less. The question is America still a Christian nation even though about 20% of its population attends church? The answer is yes, America has a Christian heritage and will continue to be a christian nation as a whole. The people may not attend church but they do help and care for others which is one of the most important bases of the christian religion. The majority of the people are Christian and identify with Christianity. This makes America a Christian

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