Is Airplane An Angel Or A Devil? Essay

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Is airplane an angel or a devil?

Since the day the Wright brothers made the very first flight in 1903, the

world had never been the same. The creation of airplanes has ever changed the way

people had been living before. When asked to go on a vacation right now, we

atomically think of going on an air travel while almost none of us will even think of

going by ship. In wars, the military prioritize conquering the sky rather than taking

down all the enemy’s properties. Most importantly, airplanes have enabled us to

explore different places that weren’t accessible at all, giving us a chance to border our

horizons. It’s been 100 years since the day the first manned fight took place in

Florida, the Benoist flying boat across the bay for 23 minutes with one passenger. (IATA,

2014) .Not only did this day mark the beginning of commercial flight; it also started a

revolutionary trend for human life. Never before has an innovation been able to bring

many benefits and sufferings at the same time. The existence of airplanes have affected

our lives immensely both positively and negatively. We have both been benefited and

suffered in many perspectives, such as economically, historically, socially and

environmentally. Therefore, lets find out if this creation is really a fortune or a doom to

our human race.

World War 1 began 10 years after the Wright Brothers flow their first plane in

1903. Even though airplanes at that time were still in…

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