Is Addiction A Illness Or A Choice?

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Register to read the introduction… Is it an illness or is it a choice. According to Robin Bartlett (2013), “While addiction has been viewed historically as a moral failing or lack of individual self-control, it is now recognized and treated as a chronic brain disease often associated with relapses”CITATION Rob13 \p 349 \n \y \t \l 1033 (p. 349). The definition of addiction according to the research paper Sociology of Addiction (2013) is stated as follows, “Addiction is a chronic relapsing illness with onset typically occurring in the early teenage years, followed by cycles of drug use and abstinence. The source of addiction is complex and entails interactions between biological factors and environmental factors. Some research suggests that some people are born with a higher tendency to become addicted. According to this argument, addiction is a biological disease, much like diabetes or hypertension, and acquiring the tendency (or predisposition) to addiction is as much out of a person’s control as the predisposition to some other diseases” CITATION Rob13 \p 349 \n \y \t \l 1033 (p. …show more content…
Although this definition has taken on acceptance it is frustrating that not much has been done about addressing treatment needs. In the future we should focus on early prevention, regular screening, interventions, continuing care and education for primary care providers. Arria and McLellan (2014) concluded, “We hope that in the year 2020, as we look back over the prior decade, we will be able to describe a truly integrated healthcare delivery system that provides prevention, screening, and early intervention for emerging unhealthy substance use; active primary treatment of mild to moderate substance use problems with brief therapies and medications offered within the context of primary care: and active, integrated specialty care treatment options provided with integrity and continuity to those with the most severe disorders” CITATION McL14 \p 1046 \n \y \t \l 1033 (p. 1046). According to the Sociology of Addiction (2014), “In the United States, the incidence of addiction is so high that there are insufficient trained professionals to assist those affected by drug abuse, precipitating a crisis in treatment. “Fewer than one-fourth of the persons in need of alcohol and drug abuse services in the United States actually receive treatment” CITATION McM14 \p 1 \n \y \t \l 1033 (p. 1).
In conclusion, based on these facts there is much opportunity for social workers in the field of addiction. Social workers can be instrumental in helping to change current policies and advocate for their clients in this

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