Is Addiction A Chronic Disease? Essay

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Addiction is a chronic disease that can take hold quickly or develop over an extensive period of time. Dependence on drugs or alcohol is characterized by compulsive or uncontrollable urges to use despite any harmful consequences. Although the effects can be long lasting, recovery is achievable with the proper treatment. The best way to recover from an addiction is to build a new lifestyle where it is easier not to use drugs or alcohol. Effective treatment includes several steps that help addicts stop using, stay drug and alcohol free, and be productive in life (NIDA 2016). The first major step in recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol is for an addict to acknowledge that there is a growing problem. This is the stage where feelings of denial shift to willingness to make a change in a person’s life (CRC Health Group). At this point, users should begin to evaluate how their choices have impacted the lives of their loved ones and themselves. The best way to do this is to initiate conversations with family and friends to discuss how drug and alcohol abuse has damaged or changed prior relationships. Speaking with close acquaintances and evaluating negative choices should be motivation for an addict to improve their lives, relationships, and health in the future (Sober Media Group 2015).
After deciding that making a change is a necessary, the next step is to explore treatment options to help addicts stop abusing drugs and alcohol. Since every case of addiction is…

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