Is Abstinence A Safe Driver? Essay

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Obviously there will be people that do not agree with my views. For example, one might argue the “punishment” example. First, they might claim that if they do use contraceptives and they do not work, should potential parents really be punished for their actions? You could say that abstinence is 100% effective, but that can be viewed as unrealistic because that would take away one’s lifestyle approach. These people can argue this is like claiming that an extremely safe driver, gets in an accident that the other driver, a hit-and-run, is at fault. The driver’s insurance company could say that this could have been prevented by just not driving. Now, that clearly isn’t something that could really happen. One would more than likely become unemployed because they would be late frequently due to having to catch public transportation all the time. One might even continue this type of argument by asking whether if an individual who has been raped should be truly responsible, even if the individual had no control over the circumstance. Next, some like Warren, would argue that the fetus isn’t technically morally human. They would probably acknowledge the fact that we cannot be sure exactly when the fetus becomes a morally a human; however, they would claim it seems very unlikely that a human is morally human around twenty weeks into the pregnancy. There is a good deal of data from many sources to help conclude this claim. They might also argue that being pregnant isn’t a…

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