Is Abortion The Right Choice? Essay

1471 Words Dec 13th, 2016 6 Pages
Bradley 1
Leilani S. Bradley

Walter Moody

English 4 (P)

15 December 2016

Is Abortion the Right Choice? In life we have many choices to choose from. Sometimes our choices are good and sometimes they are bad. They can helps us and they can hurt us, In some cases we are even forced to make decisions we are against. When it comes to abortion, it is a women choice to have this done, however is abortion the right choice? BACKGROUND: ABORTION Abortion is a way a women can remove a baby during a pregnancy, especially during the first six months. There are two different ways an abortion is performed; surgically or medication. The way the RU-486 works, the patient has to see a doctor/ physician at least two to three times. Some states are different. For example in Texas the patient would have to go see a doctor four times, and in Wisconsin they like to make sure the patient is not being forced to take the pill. The first pill is the mifepristone which makes the embryo come off the uterine wall. The patient has to take this pill in front of her doctor and the doctor has to make sure that she swallows it. The women would have to come back a day or two later and take the misoprostol, This pill makes the uterus force away from the embryo. After the patient has taken both pills, she will have side effects. The side effects are heavy bleeding, more than a menstrual cycle with clotting and bits…

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