Is Abortion Morally Wrong? Essay

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In “Why Abortion is Immoral,” Marquis argues that abortion is immoral based on the premise that killing is prima facie seriously wrong primarily because the loss of life is worse than anything else. When someone dies, or killed in this case, they lose all potential for a future.
1. Killing is morally wrong because the victim has a future of value and they lose that future.
2. Therefore, killing a fetus is morally wrong.
3. Abortion kills the fetus.
4. Therefore, abortion is morally wrong.
The first premise is supported by the undeniable fact that killing is morally wrong. In order to use this premise in the argument, the reasoning behind that fact needs to be addressed. Killing can be deemed as wrong because of the effect on the perpetrator, victim, and friends and family of the victim. Killing could be deemed as wrong because of the effect that the loss of life would have on the victim’s family and friends. This justification isn’t completely true, because even if someone had no relationships with other people, does not mean that killing them would be morally right. Another justification would be that the action of killing someone brutalizes the perpetrator. This justification is invalidated because it is circular reasoning. This action brutalizes the person because it is immorally wrong, and it is immorally wrong because it brutalizes the person. This only leaves justification that killing someone is morally wrong, because of the effect on the victim. When a person dies,…

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