Is Abortion Morally Wrong Or Acceptable? Essay

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arch 31 2016
Is Abortion Morally Wrong or Acceptable Under Certain Circumstances
Imagine that a teenager finds out that she is pregnant and the child has a severe deformity and the father of the child wants nothing to do with her or the baby. What should she do keep it, give it up for adoption, or terminate the pregnancy? Abortion has been legal since the supreme court case Roe vs. Wade 1973 making it legal to get an abortion (Lang). What is Abortion and should it be legal or should it be deemed as inhumane, by killing an unborn child that is innocent and has done nothing wrong to warrant the termination? So what is Abortion: the termination of an unborn child before it is able to survive on its own outside of the womb (Beth & Walsh). The reason why the topic is so controversial is simple it is the termination of an unborn child that deserves the right to live regardless of what the mother thinks or does. Many women, of faith, find it hard to terminate a pregnancy, because of the pressure of their religion saying it is wrong, but they do not see it from their viewpoint of the mother having to take care of a baby. They do not see that the mother is financially and emotionally responsible for the baby. Most generally the mother takes care of the baby, not the father, so it really is the mother’s choice whether or not to have the child not anybody else 's choice not even the father has the right to force them to have the child. Abortion should remain legal, because it can save…

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