Essay on Is Abortion Morally Right Or Wrong?

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One’s Right to Life Who decides whether a person lives or dies? This is the question that is being discussed by almost everyone: they are discussing whether abortion is right or wrong. One person that had to decide is Sue. Sue and her very abusive husband have been having various relationship problems. One day, Sue meets an old friend and later that night the engage in consensual sex. Even though her friend had a vasectomy and they used protection, she still became pregnant. Sue knows that she and her friend will be in life threatening danger if her husband found out. Also, she will lose one of very few relationships she has; her mother. Her sister is for abortion and supports Sue’s choice if she decides to get one. Sue eventually decided to go through with the abortion. The topic that is being argued by many, including Pope John Paul II and Judith Jarvis Thompson who is a moral philosopher, is whether or not abortion is morally right or wrong. According to Thompson’s and Paul’s reasoning’s, every person has a right to life, which is why abortion is wrong in most cases.
New Paragraph One of the main points that is argued in the debate about abortion is when the fetus “becomes” a human being. Some people argue that up to a certain point, it is not considered abortion. Both Pope John Paul II and Thompson agree that the fetus is a human being far before birth. Pope John Paul II cites that a fertilization of an egg right away results in a human being: “Right from…

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