Essay on Is Abortion Morally Acceptable?

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The procedure of abortion is performed everyday, it is the termination of a human pregnancy. Removing the fetus from the mother 's body is essentially removing what could be a new life. Which draws the question, is abortion morally acceptable? When processing this question several thoughts run through a person 's mind. Things such as is it the mother 's choice being able to terminate the pregnancy? Or if taking a life not born is murder? How I respond to these questions is it is morally acceptable to terminate the pregnancy because it is the choice of the mother and only the mother because it is her body. Having an abortion is a choice. It is a choice that women have the right to have. Falling under the constitutional right of privacy this allows a woman the privacy to terminate her pregnancy. This right helps women everywhere be in control of their own body. No one has the right to state whether you should keep your pregnancy or not. So many different variables are what determine the decision to abort the fetus. Abortion can’t be understood by every individual because they had not gone through situations that can leave a women feeling as if it is the only choice she has. One scenario that amplifies this case is rape. Not every individual has experienced rape. Therefore how does someone have the right to tell a women trying to escape the child conceived by rape that she can not abort it. At no given time does a women ask to go through such a horrific event that leave…

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