A Defense For Abortion Analysis

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Is abortion moral or immorally justified? Well, to understand abortion, let’s look at a particular situation that will help us answer this question. Mr and Mrs. Smith are struggling economically and have two children. They eventually, and unfortunately, find out that she is pregnant even though they were using contraception. Since they are not economically situated to have another baby, they decide to abort. Is their decision to have an abortion justified? I will argue that it is not justified for Mrs. Smith to have an abortion. To understand the case of abortion, we will have to look at both sides of the argument, the people who are for and against abortion. Judith Jarvis Thomson is for abortion and in his article, “A defense for abortion”, he clarifies why it is moral. His main argument is that …show more content…
To support his argument, he says that “it is wrong to kill us. Why it is wrong?” (Marquis p. 448). After consideration, he purposes the argument that killing someone, even you, is the greatest loss to the victim. “The loss of one’s life is one of the greatest losses one can suffer. The loss of one’s life deprives one of all the experiences, activities, projects, and enjoyments that would otherwise constituted one’s future” (Marquis P. 448). This implies to Mrs. smith because the fetus has a future. If she aborts the baby, that would be depriving the future activities of the fetus. Marquis gives a example to support the claim, it is wrong to only think killing beings that are human is wrong. What if there were aliens who visit us, since they don 't look like us they still have a valuable future. The reason that killing someone who has an “equal” valuable future like our, it is wrong to kill that being. However, the fetus is still the development of a human being. Which even increases the value of it. Since the fetus has a future like ours it is unjust to abort the

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