Is Abortion Immoral? A Moral Dilemma? Essay

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Is abortion immoral?
Abortion is a moral dilemma that many have debate for years and even though there are already decisive laws and regulations the philosophical discussion continues. Many ethical theories have used their beliefs to defend either a pro-life or pro-choice view, both sides bringing up logical arguments but all of the arguments have been disputed. In this essay I will approach the topic of abortion from three moral theories and from the either pro-life or pro-choice standpoint they take. The problem of abortion from the perspective of utilitarianism seems relatively straightforward. In order maximize utility the needs of a sentient adult human being, with understanding of the past, and future would be put in front of the need of a fetus who has none of the characteristics above. Maximizing utility is the idea of ensuring that the overall level of happiness, measured in increased pleasure and decreased pain is increased from the actions that one takes. Therefore in the case of abortion if it will increase the mother’s utility then an abortion is a morally sound decision. In many cases, such as instances where a women is impregnated from rape the hardship and physiological torture that the women will have to face if forced to keep the child will greatly outweigh the loss of a fetus who doesn’t have any cognitive powers. Even in significantly less extreme circumstances abortion can be justified if utility will be maximized. In Singers “Taking Life” he…

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