Is Abortion A Woman 's Right? Essay

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Is Abortion A Woman’s Right? A very controversial topic in the world, still today, is abortion. Some feel that abortion goes against their morals and religious beliefs. Others strongly believe that abortion is a woman’s right to decide. Personally, I believe it is a woman’s choice, because they know what is best for them. This debate between being for or against abortion has been going on since Roe won the Roe v. Wade case in 1973. As we have learned from history classes, Roe was a soon-to-be-mother who tried Texas’ laws because she wanted an abortion. Although, at the time the only way a woman was allowed to receive abortions were if a doctor said the woman was at risk of having the baby. The Roe v. Wade case made a big difference because Roe won the case, which caused a controversial argument. Since then mothers have argued that it is a mother’s right to decide if they want an abortion. Women who do want abortion have many reasons to go through with this process, which are: financial instability, rape victim, or unplanned pregnancy and they just don’t agree with the government making decisions for women. Abortions are legal in the United States and are a safe resort for women to choose. Being that they are legal in the United States “…nearly one- third of American Women will have an abortion” (U.S. Abortion Statistics). Abortions are similar to any other contraceptives such as birth control pill, plan b (the morning after pill), the ring, the implant, and female and…

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