Essay about Is Abortion A Human Right?

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Is abortion a human right? Some would say yes. Most would say that it is it not. Is there a viable reason that explains the large split over this topic or is our population simply stubborn? Society treats abortion like it treats shock therapy. According to David G. Myers, a professor of psychology at Hope College in Michigan, United States, “No matter how impressive the results are, the idea of electrically shocking someone into convulsions still strikes many as barbaric” (Myers 633). In terms of the horrific procedure, it is understood that anyone would turn away from the first thought of it immediately. However, they should not be able to step in the way of others because they are unable empathize with that person’s situation. A woman who has the that kind of thought is thinking a lot more than for herself. She is already emotionally in pain and she can not be left alone. Although most of our generation supports that women should not get help for making the choice to kill, no one’s beliefs should even matter in this ordeal because none of it has anything to do with the circumstances in which she experienced to produce her baby.
Let 's talk about human rights first. There will always be conflict concerning controversial topics, but the most that can be done is to accomplish what is best for everyone. Abortion is a human right and it will be considered normal in the future. As a prime example, Northern Ireland sets among the strictest abortion laws in all of Europe that make…

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