Is A Teacher Needs A Successful Learning Environment? Essay

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I believe that a teacher needs to have respect for his/her students in order to earn respect back from them. Growing up, we are all told the same thing, we have to respect our teachers. Even if you do not like them they are the adult and youth are obligated to respect someone that is older, and has power. This entry level respect only goes so far. If students only have respect for a title, then the teacher has not created a successful learning environment. When I was in high school student, school came extremely easy to me. To fill a spot in my schedule, I was placed into a peer mentoring program. This meant I would be placed in either an eighth, or ninth grade class, and be a teacher’s aide for a block. Since the program was for upperclassmen, and I was a sophomore I was thrown into a lower level class; with the “bad kids.” Before I even walked into the classroom the teacher warned me that his students were animals (shows how much respect he had for them). As I walked into the classroom I could feel the different labels they were placing on me from white, to stuck up, and maybe even privileged. It felt like the open seen of the movie The Freedom Writers. Our disconnection ended after one small instance I will never forget. This student named Khorey was being lazy and refusing to work on his history project. I walked up to him said “Khorey you need to start working on his or you will fail.” He was annoyed and shot back at be “you’re only saying this to me…

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