Is A Gap Year Truly Beneficial? Essay

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Is a Gap Year truly beneficial? Graduating high school is a giant milestone in a young 17 or 18 year old’s life; with 12 years of school under their belt these kids are faced with a decision. This decision is something they have been preparing for over a year or two, and the decision is whether they will or will not be attending college. With today’s American culture and economy these students feel a lot of pressure to continue their education even if they are not completely ready for the daunting amount of investment (money, and self) it will take. Freshly graduated from high school many young adults may not know exactly which direction they want to go in terms of a career. This is where the “gap year” can be beneficial. The definition of a gap year according to Google it states that it’s “a period, typically an academic year, taken by a student as a break between secondary school and higher education.” A gap year gives high school graduates the opportunity to take time and figure out their future plan of action in numerous ways. High school graduates who choose to partake in a gap year often gain maturity and clarity on their future plan while having more opportunities to gain experience through volunteer work or just plain working, however, it’s been debated that these young adults might face challenges since they are going against what they have been taught throughout secondary education and what the U.S. deems as normal. In the article “College is not a commodity.…

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