Essay on Is $ An Hour The Answer?

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Is $15.00 an Hour the Answer? Congratulations, you are hired! Three words that people long to hear. Prior to hearing those words, online applications, interviews and the possibility of drug testing, await the job seeker. Securing a job has never been easy and today that process is still daunting and at times intimidating. Your new job, will pay you minimum wage, $7.25 per hour for a grand total before taxes of $290.00. That amount is based on a forty-hour work week. If you can’t make ends meet on that amount, you may need to look at a part time job to help with your expenses. Let’s assume you find another job, (congratulations, your hired again!) 20 additional hours at minimum wage. Now you have a 60-hour work week, and $435.00 before taxes. In 2012, numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics state 1.6 million Americans, or approximately 2 percent of all hourly workers earned the federal minimum wage of $7.25. This amount has remained stagnant since its designation in 2009. Bringing this number to a level that is consistent with the cost of living is a basic right for every wage earning American. Raising the minimum wage enables working people to live above the poverty line. Although opposition states that raising the wage will increase unemployment, the increase would actually reduce the number of persons receiving food stamps, stimulate the economy as well as reduce income inequality.
According to a Washington Post-ABC news poll two-thirds of Americans say the…

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