Essay on Irresponsible Breeding Of Our Canine Friends

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Irresponsible Breeding of our Canine Friends
In this day and age of the modern and impatient, society has forsaken our most loyal companions. They have sentenced their canine friends and their lineage to a life of cages and ultimately – death. This is due to the impetuous actions of the individuals and people among society and their failure to educate themselves on how to properly care for their animals. We live in a society with an enormous census of unwanted and excessively bred animals for a variety of reasons. Regulations and laws need to be implemented and abided to allow the rights of breeding our canine friends to professionals and educated individuals who possess the proper knowledge to do so without harming the breed or lineage. The people in our society have failed to educate themselves on the needs of their pets. It is vital that each breed receives the appropriate amount of exercise, training, feeding and grooming. This is important to the upbringing of any type of household pet. There are too many irresponsible individuals and families who are breeding their pets for their own selfish and financial gain, or they are not careful enough to take the time or money to spay or neuter their animals resulting in accidental litters. These accidental litters contribute to a large percentile of dogs that are euthanized and placed in shelters more so than dogs that are purchased through a pet store, “the basic reality that more than 85% of dogs surrendered to shelters…

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