Essay on Iron Triangle : A Great Influence On Government

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The iron triangle has impacted the lives of people of different race many times. The iron triangle has a great influence on government. Iron triangle has created racial profiling, however they have the power to stop racial discrimination. There are bad groups in the iron triangle that has kicked people off the plane, just because of the race they are, but there are good groups part of the iron triangle that are trying to bring racial discrimination to an end. The Iron Triangle is a big part of government. The Iron Triangle is a relationship between interest groups, bureaucracy, and a legislator in government. Each of them benefit from each other. The interest group gives voter support to the legislature, the legislature gives funding and support to bureaucracy, and the bureaucracy gives friendly regulation and favors to the interest groups. Also interest groups give lobbying and jobs to bureaucracy, bureaucracy gives legislature constitution benefits, and legislature gives friendly laws to interest groups.
The iron triangle can have good intentions but they have cause racial profiling in incidents such as Hebshi. Hebshi is a 36 year old Ohio women that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) kicked off the plane for her racial background. They made her strip down and never told her what she did wrong (Warikoo, 2013). When O’Malley, an employee of the airline, responded to the event he said, "As an airline, our duty, and that of our flight crews is to ensure the safety…

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