Essay on Iron Jawed Angels By Alice Paul

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Iron Jawed Angels
The movie "Iron Jawed Angels" is about a group of young females who work together to try to get an amendment passed in the United States for woman suffrage. The main character in this movie is Alice Paul, the leader of the group in based in Washington DC. She tries to organize parades, standouts, and even strikes to help get the point across that the National Women 's Suffrage Association wants suffrage for all women. Alice Paul is not just any Quaker. She is a strong minded, independent woman who believes it is women’s right to have equal opportunity in the work field and in politics. Her actions in leading this group does have its consequences. Alice Paul gets physically assaulted, thrown in jail, and even forced fed just for fighting for women’s suffrage.
Alice Paul is a strong believer in Feminist ideas. Feminist are a group of people, not just women, that believe women should be treated equally in every aspect of life. Whether that be in the work field or just out in the general public. Like Alice, I strive to be the leader of things that are important to me. Whether it is being the leader of a baseball team or a scavenger hunt group, I love leading my team to achieve the goals we have. Alice takes this role with great pride, even when she gets punished for what she believes in. Being a good leader means that you are responsible for whatever happens, good or bad.

Why did men feel so strongly against these women fighting for equal rights? Why did…

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