Irish Health and Safety Law Essay

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Before 1989 Ireland had very little laws in place for the safety and health of the people at work. Any law that was in place for this was in place for factory and mine workers only. In 1989 a new act was implemented by the Irish Government to cover all people performing any type of work, this was called The Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Act. This Act was then replaced by a newer edition in 2005. My assignment will outline the laws stated in both acts.

In 1989 an Act was brought into Irish legislation called the Health and Safety and Welfare at Work Act. It was created to cover all people who carried out ‘work’. Employers, employees in all places of work and to the self employed. As stated in the 1989 Act a place of work was ‘any,
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wear protective clothing, cooperate in routine fire drills (Montgomery, 2003). If any faults are noticed by an employee in any equipment that could harm that of other employees it should be reported immediately to prevent an accident. The manufacturers of this equipment should ensure that all products do not cause a danger when used in a place of work and should include the correct information for use in the workplace. There is also a specific duty forced by the Act on the people who design and construct the workplace to ensure that the space is as safe as possible and imposes no risk to the health of any of the employees.
The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005
The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, which now replaces that of the 1989 Act can be said to ‘develop further the concept of modern hazard identification begun by the 1989 Act.’ (Kinsella, 2008 pg4). The Act develops the role of employers, employees and the Government in creating and enforcing safety and health policy in Ireland. If you are involved in any form of work, from an employer to a designer of equipment used in a place of work the 2005 Act will impact on you. It takes a preventative approach to reducing accidents and ill health at work and also introduces some changes in relation to risk assessment and safety statements. The main effects are set out below.
The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) is the national body in Ireland which holds all responsibility for health and

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