Ireland 's Basis For Maternity Care Essay

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Ireland’s basis for maternity care is predominantly led by the medical model of care. (Murphy, 2012) This can be described as an ‘obstetric or physician’ involved in ‘routine care’. (Soltani et al, 2015) This is apparent as ‘over 99% of births occur within a hospital setting’. (DoH, 2015) The Department of Health (2016) has now suggested a move toward further midwifery led care ‘where a midwife is the lead professional but where one or two consultations with an obstetrician or physician is part of routine care’. (Soltani et al, 2015) Services currently available in Ireland include a consultant led service, midwife-led units, combined care, the DomInO scheme, the early transfer home scheme and homebirth. As stated by O Boyle (2016) the ‘choice for birth place is extremely limited’. The demand for homebirth in Ireland is higher than the rate of home birth that occurs. (Homebirth Association of Ireland, 2012) There are many benefits associated with experiencing a homebirth. NICE (2014) state that the ‘rate of interventions are lower and the outcome for the baby is no different compared with an obstetric led unit’. Sandall et al (2016) suggested in their Cochrane Review that the rate of spontaneous vaginal birth was higher than that of their obstetric-led counterparts, use of interventions such as epidurals and episiotomies decreased, and the women were more likely to have a positive experience. It was noted that there was no difference in caesarean section…

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