Essay Ireland As A Leader For The Country

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Ireland, under British rule was a very mistreated and violent country. They are better off now, without the rule of the English Crown. Ireland, before Britain came into the picture, did not have a true leader for the country. The country was not even claimed by a big civilization like Britain and Rome for over a thousand years. Once Britain gained their rule over Ireland, over time the Irish society was severely affected and their land was stolen. The colonist and the Irish were violent and harsh to each other, even after they had independence. The Republic Of Ireland has become a very strong country, and with more time they could become a huge world power one day.
Ireland before Britain, did not have a government, or much of a history that we really know about. What we know about Ireland before Christianity is through stories, although there is buildings and structures about there being people living there during the Stone age along with the Bronze ages, that gives some proof of people settling there for at least a short amount of time (“Ireland”). There were civilization in Ireland. that we know for sure, what we do not know is who was there, how long they stayed settled there, or why the left. The Irish Celts came to Ireland from the Iberian Peninsular. Ireland was known for having good and reliable food sources (“History of England”). It is likely people came to Ireland because they knew not very many people had came to take valuable resources that the country…

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