Iran Before and After the Revo Essay

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Iran – Before and After the Revolution The Islamic Republic of Iran, formerly known as Iran or Persia, was crowded with a young generation looking for full freedom against the Shah. Persia, once as a powerful country with vast oil resources, soon became a vulnerable nation, ready to accept a new leader to guide them. The people were ready for change, but were the changes they got the changes they were looking for. The people wanted freedom against the shah, (For generations Iran was ruled by Kings) who allowed some freedoms, but it was somewhat limited. The people wanted freedom of speech, so that the press could freely publish their own opinions. They wanted to get rid of a law that made all eighteen-year-old males attend two …show more content…
More and more people joined the war against the Shah and by the late nineteen-seventies, Iran was virtually in a civil war. People began bombarding the streets all over Iran and many of the two-year soldiers walked away from the army to join in the fight for freedom. At this point the revolution was going great for the people. Finally the Shah was forced to leave to the United States, which triggered celebrations of victory throughout Iran. The Iranians then brought religious leader Ayatollah Khomeini to lead them into a new government. With the Shah passing away, Iran was now being led into a completely new government under supreme guide Ayatollah Khomeini and under President Ali Khamenei. The government was corrupt, because everything was being done from scratch and with Iraq invading Iran everyone was covered by mixed feelings. Iran now being officially referred to as the Islamic Republic of Iran, gave many freedoms that the people had wanted and the basis of government they were looking for. Religion, freedom, and a country not at all reliant on the United States. In fact hatred had developed between the two countries, which resulted in the hostage crises, where the U.S. embassy was attacked. However, the people had won and they were living under a government they now appreciated. Soon, however after the ten minutes of glory the people enjoyed the new "Islamic" government began the crackdown on the opposition groups in Iran.

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