Iq Tests And The Iq Test Essay

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It has been noted that we, as a society have generalized the idea that young adults who score high on the IQ test tend to go on and do better in life. They succeed in a variety of aspects in their life such as: academic achievement, financial success, and even better health. However, the debatable question remains the same; are these people with higher IQs more successful for the reason that they are more intelligent? Before even taking the IQ test I already had an idea of what I believe in. I believe the test doesn’t necessarily measure the intelligence level of an individual. It more so measures the motivation the individual holds to do well on the test. These individuals typically understand that motivation is as important to later success, which then allows them to strive.
IQ testing has been going on for decades to evaluate intelligence. And while these standardized tests to an extent do measure intelligence, they only do so according to their own functioning meanings of "intelligence”, and these meanings of intelligence are usually adapted from a theoretical outline. However, these testing’s are fundamentally defective for the reason that they do not take into consideration the very complex nature of the human brain and its diverse components. The score of an IQ test doesn 't measure an individual’s practical intelligence such as knowing how to make things work. It also doesn 't measure the creativity or curiosity an individual has. It seems that we constantly like to…

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