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Printer Industry Analysis

The global printing machinery industry has continued to grow rapidly with an expectation of surpassing a net value of twenty one billion dollars by the year 2015 (Report linker, 2014). The printing and copy machinery segment has the largest share in this industry. The trend from commercial to personal printing within the office or home environment hints at a niche that is growing presenting an opportunity for growth within the competitive sector. The target market for the personal printer has the potential for growth especially now that more people are purchasing and owning personal computers. The availability of more content in soft forms from the
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This device will use the latest technology in terms of Bluetooth, wireless, and near field communication to communicate with a wide range of devices helping eliminate the need for cords associated with regular printing devices. The iPrinter seeks to combine several devices to ensure individuals use a single, highly intuitive device for all their printing, copying, scanning, and faxing needs while operating free of a personal computer.


The global printer industry comprises of several key players with varying market share. Some of the printer manufacturers also double up as personal computer and computing product manufacturers. The recent fall in global printer sales revert ion is expected with an anticipated rise in the demand for personal printers (Printer Sales Down, 2009). The inclusion of printer manufacture alongside personal computer production has helped firms such as Hewlett Packard gain a strong presence in the print industry. The co-production of the devices with other information technology hardware makes market targeting relatively easy especially where marketing of an item is concurrent with that of another item within the same niche. Five companies which together account for 85 % of the printers sold globally dominate the printer industry. Hewlett Packard (HP) is

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