Iphone Vs. Iphone 6s Essay

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Compare and Contrast: iPhone SE versus iPhone 6S.
Apple is the biggest successor in the tech-world today. The booming demand of Apple products seems neverending. iPhone is one of the best selling products among them. Every year, apple introduces newer and advanced version of the iPhone. iPhone SE and iPhone 6S are the most recent devices launched by Apple. Both devices have their own pros and cons. The purpose of this paper is to summarize the similarities and the differences between iPhone SE and iPhone 6S.
The overall design has significantly different for the iPhone 6s. It is comparatively bigger and thinner compares to the iPhone SE. iPhone 6S body has made of 7000 series aluminum compares to the 6000 series aluminum in the iPhone SE. This significant change has made the iPhone 6S sturdier, but also slightly heavier (~ 31g) than the iPhone SE.
The screen size is the biggest difference a user can notice between iPhone 6S and iPhone SE. iPhone 6S have larger 4.7" inch display compares to the 4" inch for iPhone SE. The iPhone SE, although having a smaller screen, it fits hands of an average user, whereas the iPhone 6 reminds of a large screen Samsung phone. On other side, iPhone SE design reminds of the previous iPhone 5 series models. However, the display quality is almost similar since both the iPhones share the Retina HD displays with 326 PPI (Pixels Per Inch) resolutions.
Both the iPhone models include touch ID, Second-generation fingerprint sensor. In addition…

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