Iphone : The First Generation Essay

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In this modern world every services and products are getting more developed. Most of the product are coming out to the market using the same idea from the old one. The people are getting more educated and they are using their education on adding some other idea to the old one and releasing it as a new. Technologies are one of the popular product that are being launched every years. From the simple phones people had developed the Iphone. In 2007 the first generation Iphone was released. The idea of making phone get developed and Iphones starts to come in market every year. By the June 2010, Iphone 4 was in the market with lots of new features than the previous Iphones and by 2012 Iphone 5 was released which become mostly the popular in the market than first Iphone, 3G, 4 and 4s Iphones. Although both Iphones are still phones and both have their own special features, both can make differences in people life and they both seems to have important role in the market, customers seem to be liking the Iphone 5 more than 4 but they have no idea that Iphone 4 has the same features, it does do same work as 5.
During September 2012, Iphone 5 had became the headline in most channels, newspapers and magazine. The price was 900$ at the beginning. 4 inch long with retina display, video recording, isight camera, facetime camera, audio playback but thin in the size. As per the news, it was sold more than other Iphones. But most of them were locked, so customers have to pay high monthly…

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