Steve Jobs: The Revolutionization Of Cell Phones

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The iPhone, it is a block of metal that somehow gets one all the information he/she would even need in seconds. This is not just a normal phone that makes phone calls and sends text messages; it was and is the most technologically advanced phone of its time. Originally starting out with the idea from Steve Jobs, it has now fallen into the hands of millions of people across the globe and the number keeps growing. The expectations that people have demanded out of phones has been revolutionized because of this piece of technology. But how did this piece of technology come to be and is it making the world of communication vanish as one might know it to be? The revolution of the cellphone world all began in early 2007 when Steve Jobs announce …show more content…
With apple marketing this specific group, features in the original iPhone included and were limited to Safari, Maps, and YouTube (Ritchie). Varying greatly from modern iPhones, the target group has now changed to the age range of 15 to 40. The consumer have changed and there for so did the iPhone, or was it the other way around? According to an article written by the Art Institutes, “Modern day smartphones — the Apple iPhone in particular — changed everything that consumers expect from their phones. The app market has transformed the phone into a virtual toolbox with a solution for almost every need.” ("The History and Evolution of Cell Phones"). People have now expected the iPhone to be something that no one has thought of before, something that the consumer did not even know he/she needed before it was introduced. With the iPhones price being above the average smart phone price range in the first couple of years it came out, there was a certain assumption of wealth if someone owned the product. As the relevance of the product increases and the prices dropping to match the other smartphones in the market, the assumption went away. With all the improvements of technology in the cellphone world and the market changing to meet consumer needs, there has been a negative impact that most are too …show more content…
With every new way to reach someone it feels as if the personal part of the message slowly gets taken away and all that is left are the words. In as study conducted by Dr. Hyman, a Psychology professor at Western Washington University, 80% of people in the young adult age range of 18-34 preferred texting someone over calling. In the same study, people within the age range of 50-68 preferred a more personal form of communication such as calling (Hyman). As seen in the study, when the newer forms of technology come out and the age at witch they are introduced is younger, the social norm changes towards the direction of becoming more impersonal. In the same study, Dr. Hyman asked the question of if the person has ever had a relationship that has ended over text. As a shocking result that was fitting with the trend, “about 15 percent of young adults reported they had ended a relationship via text message and 25 percent reported they had been dumped via text. The percentage of text break ups dropped in older age groups and the over 50 study group never reported text dumps.” (Hyman). Young adults have used the tools given to them to use for productivity and have started to abuse them. As seen by the age group over 50, no one in that category had even been dumped over text. So why were a quarter of young adult dumped over text? The explanation is in the facts that the earlier people are being exposed

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