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As a group of geeks we enjoy finding new uses for our iPhones and finding some of the best accessories that make our iPhones our day-to-day sidekick. If you’ve ever wondered how to do something with your iPhone, you’re not alone. Stay tuned for tutorials on how to get the most out of your new iPhone. To get started check out our first tutorial here.

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Driven by the desire to get the most from our iPhones, we (a group of geeks) banded together to thoroughly analyze the iPhone and what could be done to improve it. We enjoy downloading new apps and using various accessories with our phones. Apps and accessories are like potato chips; you can never have just one. If you agree with that statement, you’ll be at home here.

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CopyTrans Contacts requires the operator to use a Windows operating system in order to use the app. If you’re a hardcore Apple fan, chances are you also own an Apple computer which means this app won’t work for you (don’t worry, we have more choices below). In order to use this app, you need to connect your iPhone to your PC (via usb cord). After connecting your iPhone to your computer, a list of commands should pop up. For the purpose of this app, you’re only interested in importing your contacts. Simply select the contacts from the program window and drag it to a chosen file on your computer (example: contacts backup). Once this action is completed, your contacts will be copied and transferred to the chosen folder making it easier to restore your contacts should your phone throw an error or if you upgrade to a new iPhone.
Alternative Methods
There are various methods for transferring your contacts from your phone to the computer. For example, ‘My Contacts Backup’ was useful for sending a copy of your previous iPhone contacts to your chosen email account, from there you could restore or upload the contacts to your new iPhone.


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