Why Did Steve Jobs Use Smart Phones?

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iPhones After years of rumors and speculation, the first iPhone was released in 2007. It was created by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who directed Apple’s engineers to develop a touch screen, mobile phone that was also an iPod. Since then, there has been nine generations of iPhone models. The newest iPhone is the 6s, which also includes the 6s Plus. According to Apple, the multi-billion dollar company has sold more than 13 million iPhone 6s in the first three days after its launch, making it a new record for the company. From tapping, swiping, to pinching, iPhones are the most popular phones on the market. Three of the big four national wireless carriers offer the smartphone, which are AT&T, Sprint Nextel, and Verizon Wireless. The iPhone will …show more content…
The recent iPhones are made with 7000 Series aluminum and have Retina HD displays that are made from the strongest cover glass. Also, iPhones are available in different colors that are suitable for every customer. They come in black, gold, silver, and rose gold. The iPhone 5c comes in a hard coated polycarbonate that has vibrant colors for customers that include shades of green, blue, yellow, pink and white. In the article “Invention Of the Year: The iPhone” writer Lev Grossman says, “Most high-tech companies don 't take design seriously. They treat it as an afterthought. Window-dressing. But one of Jobs ' basic insights about technology is that good design is actually as important as good technology. All the cool features in the world won 't do you any good unless you can figure out how to use said features, and feel smart and attractive while doing it.” This shows how the attractiveness of the iPhone plays a huge part in promoting the smartphone, which is why Steve Jobs focused on the attractive aspect of the smartphones. Steve Jobs understood what customers wanted from a phone. Every person in the world wants a phone that can make calls and send texts as quick as possible as well as a phone that is luxurious, yet simplistic. As a result, touch screen made the iPhone simple to use, but the design of the iPhone made it the most sought item in the

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