Iphone And Its Effect On The Future Outlook Essay

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party Windows only programs which were buggy at best. Once Apple allowed its products to play nic ely with the rest of the computing world it unknowingly opened up the doors to future products, specifically the iPhone. The iPod was not Apple 's first foray into handheld devices but its success helped pave the way for the iPhone and build their digital media player and associated iTunes online digital store into market power houses.
At some point Apple must have quantified the marginal benefits and of creating the iTunes store and figured it out weighed the marginal costs of this action.
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In 2002, Apple was beginning to realize that rather than carrying multiple devices such as flip phones, a Discman, MP3 players, cameras, Blackberry, etc., people would prefer an all in one device. Steve Jobs then invested his company’s futur e on the development of a new product. He wanted to develop a “revolutionary” phone and spent $150 million to develop the initial iPhone. “Many top engineers in the company were being sucked into the project, forcing slowdowns in existing projects," says V ogelstein. If the iPhone were a dud, it put the whole company at risk, because this is the only thing it was really working on.” (Yarow,
2013) This bet has paid off year after year for Apple and shows in financial statements dated
October 27, 2015

Apple announced financial results for…

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