Essay Iphone 6s Vs Lg G5

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Gricelda Sanchez-Martinez
English 125
Ms. Patton
12 October 2016 iPhone 6s vs LG G5 Does a battle in your head build up when either considering in buying the incredibly popular iPhone 6s or it’s competitor, the LG G5? iPhones are considered high class smartphones, while other brands like the LG G5 are alternatives. iPhones are the most well-known smartphone among teens and adults and are a desire to have them because of their elegance and high price. Mostly all celebrities use iPhones, which promotes the brand making it the new trend. Although, many have not taken notice in the lagging features behind the Apple phone. The LG G5 is not well recognized because it is not considered the most glamorous and expensive phone. The LG G5 offers many outstanding features that the iPhone lacks on. Many put down on the LG G5 phone since it does not bring the same polished design and construction expected from the Apple products. The LG G5 needed to bring something new and exciting and not only did it do that, it did much more. It has been seen that a phone does not need to be flashy or have a new design to be the best out in the market. The LG dominated all those small lacking features the iPhone has. Both high end smartphones are fantastic options, but the LG G5 has better advanced technology than the iPhone 6s.
Both are smartphones that have navigation turn by turn, use USB, have fingerprint sensor, calling, and messaging. Although, the new LG G5 and the iPhone 6s both have…

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