Iphone 4 Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… The hardware flaws became led to the outrage of customers. While finding the solution for that issue, Apple considered the time and money cost of the consumers to provide them with a satisfactory solution. The consumers were given a temporary solution of free cases for every iPhone 4. But, this was just a good step, not the final solution. The consumers were also offer to a refund if they already bought a bumper for their iPhone. This was a bit of a solution but not satisfactory enough. Additionally, Apple announced a press conference, which led to speculation of a solution to the problem or even replacement of phones to satisfy customers and improve the company’s reputation. Instead, the company simply reiterated, "We're not perfect. Phones are not perfect. We all know that. But we want to make our users happy." The actual decision-making process of Apple involved categorizing the customers as follows:
• People who were indifferent to the lack of reception
• People who planned to buy iPhone 4, but postponed it until a robust solution was
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Apple had to consider the second category where the people where not willing to buy the iPhone until a solution was found.
The second category of people did not want to buy it until the flaw was fixed and the phone could fully function. This type of reaction was a negative feedback for apple. This category of people affected the sales of Apple in a shorter run. Apple decided to provide free cases with the iPhone 4 and address these customers as all smartphones have signal issues and iPhone was just the example of one such issue.
The third category of customers involved the consumers of iPhone 4 who cut their ties with AT&T because of the malfunction in signal reception. These consumers soon realized that AT&T was not the actual cause of problem. Apple took care of this issue and addressed the audience as the issue was solely in the handset and not in the service providers. This led to better customer feedbacks and AT&T was out of the issue of call dropping as the issue was purely due to handset’s hardware problem.


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