Essay on Ipad's Security Breach

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IPad’s Security Breach Hacking is one of the things that most people worry about. There is sometimes a need to share personal information to different companies and people for different reasons. Hacking is a way for others to steal, share and use personal information that does not belong to them. It is defined as the use of computer and network resources as a means of obtaining information illegally. Hacking is considered as a felony in the United States (Sabadash, V. 2004). In recent years, people have become more conscious of whom, where and when they provide personal information because they know there is a chance that their information may be taken and used without their permission. When using the internet and other sources, …show more content…
Is Hacking into a Web Site ever Justifiable I have heard different reasons presented to justify hacking. Some of the reasons are that hacking is used to show problems in security, hackers are educating themselves more on how computer systems work and hackers are just trying to find out how systems are being abused. Although the different situations may be of interest, I do not believe hacking is justified. Using the personal information of others as a way to become educated does not lessen the fact that the information obtained may possibly be used as a way to rob, expose and destroy others. In the year 2000, there was a case where a twenty year old man named Jason Allen Diekman was sentenced to federal prison for twenty one months as a result of several hacking incidents. Jason Allen Diekman pleaded guilty to hacking NASA computers. In this case, the information obtained was used and caused serious issues for the victims. Jason Diekman used stolen credit and debit card information to make purchases of several electronic equipment devices that amounted to well over $6,000. He caused damage to a government computer as well as the fact that he hacked into computers of Harvard, Stanford, The University of California and Cornell University. The damaged caused by Mr. Diekman accounted for approximately $17.000.

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