Ipad Revolution Essay

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A revolution of an iPad
Over the past few decades and until now “technology” plays an important role human’s lives. One of the definitions of technology given in Merriam-Webster Dictionary is “the use of science in industry, engineering, etc., to invent useful things or to solve problems”. Internet, electronic devices, computers, tablets are all related to technology which is appeared in every aspect of life. Relatively to technology, there have been many interesting studies done about iPads and the effects on both students and teachers. According to Pearson Foundation’s survey more than seven in ten college students and college teachers agreed that that iPads help students to study more efficiently and help student to perform better in classes.
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Through my personal experience with technology as a student is majoring Computer Science, iPads have been a great tool of creating any kinds of educational projects easy and fast. Students instead of writing an essay by hand, students now could write a digital story or digital essay with the same content with no tools require except an iPad. To develop this significant way of learning, teachers need to be trained and taught how to use the best associated apps for students and students must be familiar with technology devices. This may require a group of technical training who could individually train teachers to develop their skills in this field teaching. Moreover, there are a range of apps that could be used to also train teachers’ ability of using iPads. A PhD from a teacher’s forum website states that from a teacher’s perspective be familiar with iPads help her significantly develop in creative tasks and projects which more motivated compared with non technology tasks and projects. There is one more important factor that impacts learning outcomes by using iPads is better and faster communications. IPads are not like computer, they are light and easy to carry around which made communications through email and notification function on iPads easier. Since students are always available through internet, any problem that come up can be dealt almost immediately, rather than wait for one of the student or teacher to reach an email from a computer. According to a PhD professor of Technology development program at Standford University Joseph Puglisi, “there is no more missing class or project even if a student does not come to school, they will be able to catch up with online lecture apps on iPad”(Standford). iPads are fully compatible with online teaching and learning which can be easily posted through iPad’s app for students to be able to reach it anytime.

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