Iowa, The State Of The Union Essay

1295 Words Jan 18th, 2016 6 Pages
Let us look at the state of the Union, the actual Union, not the exhibition from the House floor. In Iowa, candidates are pushing agendas with utmost expedient rapidity, and quasi-alliances that have stood in place for the past few months are waning, while rivalries are only gaining heat. Iowa is important in the race to the White House because it is the first state that sets a tone for the future general election; and we have seen some ludicrous claims from the candidates already, i.e. Rand Paul’s de facto claim that happened to be literally 1000% off. Not too much on that, because, since America’s first cherry-chopping commander, politicians have been liars. All people are liars, but politicians choose to act as if they are not, so it is interesting to see their choice in verbal shovel when digging themselves out of their holes. In New Hampshire, some skeletons are dancing out of the closet: namely heroin addiction, but apart from state-specific matters, Bernie “Well & Fair” Sanders and Hillary “Rights are Left” Rodham Clinton are duking it out over the issues that never were. Election years are always exciting, but a new president does not guarantee copious change. In every society, there will be radicals, reactionaries and other assortments of far-reaching ideologues whose ideas are equally volatile. Just because some extreme individuals assert that Barack Obama has been the concentrated essence of the Dark Lord himself certainly does not make it so. Clinton is…

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