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The course “Logic and Critical Thinking” has built into the curriculum 20% of the work to be done online. The three Debate Reviews and Discussions fulfill this course requirement. Each of the three debate reviews and discussions is anticipated to take approximately four hours to complete the online portion (watching the media and small group discussion). The writing of the four page minimum paper is not captured by the five hour online aspect of the online portion. Each debate review and discussion is broken down into four phases: watching/reading the media, small group discussion, large group discussion board and your individual work through the four page paper.
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Watching/Reading the Media
Each debate review and discussion will have some aspect of media attached, i.e., documentary, movie and/or textual material, etc. This portion will take about 2-3 hours. Each debate review and discussion will have a focus for you to use when reviewing the media. For example, the Historical Debate review targets the use of language and the picking out of key arguments (premises and conclusions used). As you review the media, keep the particular focus of the debate in mind, jotting down notes as you need for the latter portions of this process.

Small Group Discussion
This portion should last between 30 and 60 minutes of each person’s time. Once each of you has had a chance to review the media and jot preliminary notes, work in the groups that you’ve picked. These groups are online and will be observed by the professor, with potential comments coming from the professor periodically. In your small group discussions, engage in a dialogue about the focus for that debate review and discussion being made. Listen to the points of your group members and have a general discussion about the topics being focused in a particular debate review and discussion. Each of you may have a shift in your perception or your perception may be confirmed.
Minimum Four-Page, Individual Paper that flows from the online portion
This final aspect of the Debate Review and Discussion should be easily done over a weekend.

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