Iom Report Essay

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Impact of 2010 iom report on future of nursing The nursing profession is a vast expanding profession that is based on new researches and innovations. In this profession attention is directed to the patient rather than on healthcare is important for nursing profession to have more educated,skilled,trained nurses in order to provide best care to patients that is changing with more developed technologies .To meet the basic needs of advancing healthcare system some transformations are needed-practice,education,leadership.In 2010 The IOM and the Robert Wood Foundation brought the new report -The Future of Nursing Leading change,Advancing Health to address some changes in healthcare system in order to meet high demands of …show more content…
By the fact of meeting needs of higher healthcare system improved

education is required so that safe and effective care is available across the nation.

Impact of iom 2010 report on nursing practice particularly primary care

Being nursing profession as a growing profession there is a need to have increase in nursing order to care for more people in future more healthcare professionals are

required.The transformation mainly is focusing on primary seen today more nurse

Practitioners are involved in providing care to patients that results in less waiting and also enable

Patients to get care even in absence of physician depending on individual state nursing

Policies, allowing nurse practitioner to work independently or under supervision.IOM focuses to

Decrease shortage of physicians in primary health care by getting nurse practitioners and

Physician Assistants in practice. Better patient outcomes are noted by having more nurses

working to primary care sites as they better interact with the patients and their families resulting

in an effective change in health care following research done by INQRI and

Adopting INQRI ICU safety program resulted in decrease in blood stream infections resulting in

better patient outcome.with advancement and having NP and PA in primary care has resulted in

having positive effect on primary health

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