Inwood Hill Park Research Paper

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Aqsa Malik
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Constantine Jones


Travel is an adventure of a lifetime. There are so many wonderful places that everyone should visit. Every place has unique history and characteristics that make people feel curiosity about that site. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “… particular characteristics that make people feel curiosity about that site.” The place that is most significant for me and where I love to go is Inwood Hill Park. The place is far from the bustling city and getting there is already part of adventure.
Inwood Hill park is very different from other parks in Manhattan, it is largely natural, being non-landscaped. Mostly area of the park consists of hills and mostly wooded. It is always crowded with
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Every place has specific feature but I prefer going to place that is more peaceful where I can do hiking. Inwood Hill Park is special for me because I spend a lot of time over there. Hike through Inwood Hill Park takes me closer to nature beauty. I mostly go over there with my friends. In Inwood Hill Park I enjoy the beauty of silence and the sounds of nature. This park is not too far from house and is on my way to school. Park is surrounded by beautiful skyscrapers that make the person looking up feel miniscule. The green environment of this park makes me happy whenever I am in a sad mood. Sometimes I want to live in a silent or comfortable place and get away from the noise then I turn into this park. The chaotic life of city disturbs my nerves, the idea of going central park is come in my mind and fill my heart with a hope of comfort. The park has a portion that is surrounded by tree that to me feel like I am in world of giant. Inwood Hill Park's marked scenic sites or historic highlights trail will lead you to the top of the hill, where the park’s oldest trees live. That is the best park to go for hiking according to

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